Selected Publications

[More] MATTOSO, M. ; DIAS, J. ; OCAÑA, K. ; OGASAWARA, E. ; COSTA, F. ; HORTA, F. ; SILVA, V. ; OLIVEIRA, D. . Dynamic steering of HPC scientific workflows: A survey. Future Generation Computer Systems, v. 17, p. 1111, 2014.
Keywords: steering; scientific workflows; dynamic workflows; cloud computing; HPC

[More] DIAS, J. ; GUERRA, G. ; ROCHINHA, F. ; COUTINHO, A. ; VALDURIEZ, P. ; MATTOSO, M. . Data-centric iteration in dynamic workflows. Future Generation Computer Systems, p. 1016, 2014.
Keywords: scientific workflows; dynamic workflows; iteration; steering

[More] OLIVEIRA, D. ; OCAÑA, K. ; OGASAWARA, E. ; DIAS, J. ; GONCALVES, J. ; BAIAO, F. ; MATTOSO, M. . Performance Evaluation of Parallel Strategies in Public Clouds: a Study with Phylogenomic Workflows. Future Generation Computer Systems, v. 29(7), p. 1816-1825, 2013.
Keywords: cloud computing; scientific workflows; MapReduce; Hadoop; phylogenomics

[More] OLIVEIRA, D. ; OCAÑA, K. ; BAIÃO, F. ; MATTOSO, M. . A Provenance-based Adaptive Scheduling Heuristic for Parallel Scientific Workflows in Clouds. Journal of Grid Computing, v. 10, p. 521-552, 2012.
Keywords: cloud computing; scientific workflow; scientific experiment; provenance

[More] OGASAWARA, E. ; DIAS, J. ; OLIVEIRA, D. ; PORTO, F. ; VALDURIEZ, P. ; MATTOSO, M. . An Algebraic Approach for Data-Centric Scientific Workflows. Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment, v. 4(11), p. 1328-1339, 2011.
Keywords: scientific workflows; provenance; parallel execution

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